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Recent Spottings

Tony needs Spotters !

Tony Denton of the Lifeboat Enthusiasts' Society keeps a comprehensive record of the location and use of ex RNLI lifeboats with a description of their current appearance with where possible a photograph.

If you can help to keep this record up to date by reporting any sightings, even if it is to just say the boat is still in its normal berth, it would be greatly appreciated. Remember just because you know where it is others do not. By passing this information around it will help all like minded enthusiasts to find ex lifeboats more easily.

PLEASE HELP BY COMPLETEING A SIGHTING REPORT VIA OUR WEB SITE You must be a registered user on the site to complete the form and to view the listings and recent sightings submitted by our registered users. You can upload a photo as well as provide date, location and other information.

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The Historic Lifeboat Owners Association welcomes membership from any individual with an interest in owning,maintaining, crewing or simply with an interest in historic Lifeboats. You do NOT have to be an owner to join.

Members will receive a regular email newsletter with news of rallys events etc, Owners will have access to access to articles on maintenance, repair cost savings on supplies and fittings and much more.

Joining the HLOA

The broad aims of the HLOA are as follows.

  • To help and assist members who own, or aspire to own historic lifeboats by creating a community of members sharing knowledge, experience and advice.
  • To promote friendship by arranging get-togethers between the members and promoting historic lifeboat rallies around the coast.
  • To provide a clearing house for information on events where our boats would be welcomed.

You can download a membership form and original letter here.

Contact Quinton Nelson : Quinton@nelsonsboats.co.uk

The New HLOA Website

We have just launched the new web site for members. If you wish to join the HLOA please down load the membership application Form.

To register on the site without becoming a formal member please first create an account.

We will be adding more articles videos and information to the site over the coming weeks. We are very keen to hear of any Historic Life boat sightings - Photographs - Articles in Newspapers etc.


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